Plug Life Peat Mix 80/20 – Propagation Trays

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Plug Life Peat Mix – Propagation Trays

Plug Life Peat Mix is a plug for growing seeds, cuttings and tissue cultures that is made from a blend of 80% peat to 20% cocopeat.

They are extremely easy to use, environmentally friendly and create fast and robust rooting. 

Each tray contains 104 individual cells which have a 12mm hole at the bottom for easy removal and measure 35mm diameter(top) x 43mm deep and 26mm diameter(bottom), the tray measures approximately 53cm x 30cm and will easily it standard size propagators and seed trays(60cm x 40cm).

The plugs are already hydrated and ready to use.


Plug Life Propagation Trays are supplied ready to use and provide nutrients during the first 2 weeks of growth. 

Simply remove packaging and plants your seeds or cuttings, always allow trays to come up to room temperature before use.

Plug Life Peat Mix has a stable pH of 5.7 (±0.2) and an EC of 0.8 (±0.2).
  • Ready to use propagation plugs
  • 80% Peat 20% Cocopeat
  • 104 plugs per tray
  • Tray measures 53cm x 30cm
  • Approx. EC of 0.8 and PH 5.7

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