RAW Nitrogen

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Boost nitrogen levels, fine-tune your feed or treat nitrogen deficiencies - grab RAW Nitrogen. 

It’s great if you want to micromanage plant nutrition. 

  • 20% water-soluble Ammonium Nitrogen
  • No nitrate or urea - can be used in bloom
  • Maximum control, custom formulations
  • Safe to use throughout grow, even as foliar feed
  • Safe to use alongside other nutrients
  • NPK: 20-0-0

There’s no nitrate or urea - RAW Nitrogen is purely 20% Ammonium Nitrogen - in a water soluble form. This means you can use it throughout growth and bloom. To treat deficiencies quickly, you can safely apply it as a foliar feed in grow and bloom. 

How To Use

  • Dilution rate: 4g - 6g (Grow) 4g - 8g (Bloom) per 4 Litres

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