ROOT!T First Feed 125ml

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ROOT!T First Feed is a top-quality plant nutrient made for the propagation phase. Growers use the product with seedlings and cuttings. Seedlings contain enough nutrients to germinate and enjoy a good start. The formula will deliver the essential nutrients to your young plants. It comprises a perfect Boron to Calcium ratio and sustains healthy root development. The product comprises vitamin B1, which strengthens seedlings.

General Information

  • ROOT!T First Feed is a high-performance and top-quality plant nutrient;
  • It's made for use during the propagation phase with cuttings;
  • It's suitable for use as a pre-soak for rooting sponges or stone wool;
  • The product contains a perfect Boron to Calcium ratio and vitamin B1.


  • It's easy to use;
  • It's reliable and made in collaboration with a leading UK University.

The Science

The product delivers essential plant nutrients to young plants. The formula comprises Boron, Calcium, and vitamin B1.

How to Use

Use the product during the propagation phase.

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