Steel vault (Packs Protect)

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Packs Protect Steel Vault in Small, medium, large.. for dryied Hemp. Packs Protect Steel Vaults are a convenient and secure way to store your tobacco, spices and herbs. Manufactured from high quality 18/8 stainless steel your Packs Protect “Vault” gives you food grade storage quality, ensuring that flavour and freshness is preserved for as long as possible. The airtight seal offers protection against the elements that could degrade the contents of your Vault, namely; light, moisture and air.Packs Protect Vaults are dishwasher proof and when treated with the TLC they deserve, should last you for years. There are 3 sizes available to meet your needs. PACKS PROTECT STEEL VAULTS: Smell Proof, water proof, light tight, dishwasher proof.

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