SYLVANIA GroXpress LED 340W Full Spectrum Grow Light

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GroXpress LED 340W Full Spectum+ is a dimmable, low-profile luminaire designed for use in the horticultural industry. This LED top light has been carefully engineered so that the light penetrates deeper into the plant, leading to increased growth rates of indoor grown flowers, vegetables and crops.

Demand for Horticultural indoor farming is growing due to the increasing demand for year-round food, flowers and medicinal plants. With this demand comes an increase in research into the impact of light sources on yield. Sylvania
continues to incorporate this knowledge to develop more efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions which extend the growing season of the plants and increase the yield and quality of the crop.

GroXpress LED 340W Full Spectrum+ is the newest addition to Sylvania’s Horticulture LED range and has been developed for smaller spaces and growing racks with low ceilings. It consists of four LED modules which create a large lighted
area enabling light to penetrate deeper into the plant, thus increasing growth rates and yield. Sylvania’s plant specific and proven Full Spectrum+ has been incorporated into this luminaire, therefore ensuring superior results in all stages of
growth and bloom.


• Consists of four LED modules which create a large lighted area (100x100cm for maximum uniformity) enabling light to penetrate deeper into the plant - “3D plant lighting”.
• Uses Gro-Lux Full Spectrum+ ; a plant specific spectrum for all stages of plant growth, optimised for applications
without natural sunlight.
• Suitable for plant production in 80x80cm or 100x100cm areas with first-class photosynthetic and morphologic
• Max. Output of ~800µmol/s/m² in 50cm distance
• Suitable for low ceilings or growing racks – just 55mm in height
• Dimming switch located on the luminaire for easy operation- no accessory required
• Passively cooled – increased LED board surface area leading to increased cooling for maximum performance and lifetime
• Plug in and grow – includes power cable and two different hanging solutions
• Made of anodised aluminium, to protect against rust and extend the life of the product
• Engineered in Belgium

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