URBAN BUDDY 240w LED Quantum Board - Veg Spec

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Urban Buddy's compact and passively-cooled aluminium design allows you to maximise on your grow space. Due their high energy efficiency, Urban Buddy's put out almost zero heat which means no air conditioners and closer hanging distance to your plants vs. traditional HID lighting.

In simple terms, this means you can grow more, and bigger plants!

We only use the best LED chips available, hence choosing Samsung & Epistar to provide our super warm white light, red light, ultra-violet and infra-red LED chips. We're so sure of the build quality, we offer a free 3-year-warranty with all our lights.

Enjoy easy, explosive results and a huge reduction in your energy bills, with Urban Buddy quantum board LED's. See our top features below.

Top Features
• Available in 3 spectrums: Veg, Bloom & Dual Spec!
• Added U.V. & Infrared for increased growth and essential oils!
• Lightweight, passively cooled design.
• Super energy efficient
• Easy hanging
• Fully dimmable
• Chain linkable!

What’s Included?
• 240w Urban Buddy LED quantum board
• 1 x 240w Meanwell driver
• 1 x Power supply dimmer
• 1 x Socket plug & dimmer connection
• 1 x Light hanging pack

Technical Specifications
• Power: 240W
• Voltage range: 48V
• PPDF: 2.40 Umol/J
• Dimensions: 25" x 7.68"
• Recommended mounting height: 20-32"
• IP Rating: IP65 Rated

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