Vitalink Coir Classic Growth

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Our original Coco Coir Nutrient, loved for over 15 years.

• Developed specifically for the distinctive properties of coco coir media
• Optimal NPK ratios for outstanding growth, flowering and fruiting stages
• The unique one-part formulation makes product extremely simple to use
• Contains the full range of nutrients required by plants in one bottle

VitaLink Coir Classic Growth Feed and Bloom Feed are balanced one-part formulations of macro and micronutrients specially designed for growing in coco coir. Coir Classic guarantees simplicity and incredible results. The formulations consider water quality, therefore soft or hard water versions are available.
VitaLink Coir contains humic acids and chelated micronutrients which improve plants uptake of nutrient solution, resulting in better photosynthesis and thus increased, vigorous growth and flowering. The mixed nutrient solution is highly stable.

Usage instructions:

Always check the water quality in your area and ensure you are using the correct variant – either hard water or soft water. In very soft water areas we recommend a half strength VitaLink CalMag supplement (0.5 ml/L) during the growth stage.

If required, adjust the pH. Recommended pH range: 5.8-6.5. Shake well before use.

Coir Classic Growth Feed:
Use at 1-2 ml/L for seedlings and young plants. Begin to increase the dose rate once you see your seedlings or plants have established and are actively growing. Use at 6-8 ml/L for mature plants.
For flowering plants, switch from Coir Classic Growth Feed to Coir Classic Bloom Feed when your plants show signs of flowering initiation.

Coir Classic Bloom Feed:
Use at 6-8 ml/L.

We recommend that you always maintain at least the minimum recommended dose rate for your plant’s stage of development. The base feed is the foundation of healthy plant growth. Carefully selected additive use can maximize a plant’s full health potential, but it can never replace it.

Available in 1 L, 5 L and 10 L bottles.

VitaLink’s range of nutrients do not adversely affect the flavour of herbs, vegetables, salad, fruits and other plants grown for consumption.

Enhance your plants growth by using VitaLink additives alongside Classic Coir Growth Feed and Bloom Feed nutrients.

VitaLink Coir Classic Growth Hard Water 5L - for explosive vegetative growth.
VitaLink Coir Classic Growth Hard Water 5L - NPK 2.6/1.0/1.5

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