VitaLink Plant Start

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Get cuttings & seedlings off to a great start with VitaLink Plant Start – the best baby plant food to buy.

It’s a brilliant blend of key nutrients your plants need for fast, healthy rooting and early growth.

You’ll ease the stress of cloning – thanks to all the Plant Start’s packed with vitamin B1.

There’s very little risk of over-fertilising - Plant Start’s a gentle mix…it’s no wonder it’s a bestseller!

Use it for pre-soaking propagation cubes and as your main feed for cuttings and seedlings.

• Encourages faster, healthier root growth
• Boosts resistance to infection & disease
 Increases cutting & seedling success chance
 Aids transportation of nutrients through roots (humic & fulvic acids)
 Eases the stress of cloning (includes vitamin B1)
 Reduces the chance of over-feeding plants (it’s gentle!)

Specifically for young plants

Cuttings and seedling are incredibly delicate. They need a gentle formula.

That’s exactly what you get with VitaLink Plant Start.

It’s got a great blend of key nutrients, micro-nutrients, vitamins & minerals that young plants need.

• Ease the stress of cloning
• Stimulate growth
• Encourage speedier & healthier rooting
• Increase cutting & seedling success chance
• Aid the transportation of nutrients through roots
• Boosts resistance to infection and disease
• Reduce the chance of over-feeding plants (it’s gentle!)

Why choose VitaLink Plant Start over a weakened adult feed?

A lot of growers still give cuttings and seedlings a weak dose of an adult feed.

Don’t do this.

Cuttings & seedlings don’t just need less nutrients…

…they also the right ratio and the right dose of key nutrients, micro-nutrients, vitamins & minerals (such as Iron, Manganese, Copper and Zinc!)

Young plants actually need a full dose of Boron and Calcium.

Weak doses (typically quarter strength) of standard nutrients won’t give your cuttings and seedlings what they need. The ratios are all wrong for young plants.

VitaLink Plant Start gives them exactly what they need.

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