Whispair Mixed Flow Ventilation Kit

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What's Included?

  • Chosen Size Mixed Flow Fan
  • Chosen Carbon Filter
  • Chosen Size/Type Ducting
  • 2 Duct Clips

Whispair Mixed Flow Fans The Whispair Mixed-Flow Fan Kit is a versatile, entry level fan kit with built in speed control. This kit comes with everything you need to get started including fan, airflow matched filter, ducting and ducting clips. Our Whispair fans are quiet and powerful, featuring a two speed switch for greater environmental control and are extremely well built. Whispair Carbon Filters feature Australian RC412 carbon and a really high build quality. ~ Whispair Carbon Filter Introducing our brand new carbon filter range from WhispAir. Our WhispAir carbon filters are fitted with a substantial layer (38mm) of high quality RC48 Australian activated carbon, trapping and removing particles from the air, and helping you to control and manage unwanted odours in your grow room. The carbon is sealed within a lightweight pressed aluminium casing, keeping the total weight of the filter to a minimum. This lower weight helps to ease the fitting and hanging of the filter in your grow environment. These filters have been designed to work effectively with the WhispAir Mixed Flow Fans, simply match your filter size to your fan.


  • 2 year lifespan for the filter
  • High quality RC48 Australian carbon
  • Thick layer of activated carbon - 38mm
  • Lightweight pressed aluminium

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