Adjusta-Watt Retro 720w LED Grow Light

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Çmimi i shitjes, çmimi i shitjeve£255.00 Çmimi i rregullt£290.00


We’ve removed the driver, meaning the end user can save money by using their existing 600w digital ballast. When connected to a 600w digital ballast and mounted at 15cm above the canopy, the Adjusta-Watt® Retro LED produces an average PPFD of 1231μmol/s/m². That’s over twice the growth light than that of a 600w HPS, for the same power consumption!

One digital ballast can run either one or two Retrol LEDs

1x Retro LED @720w 2.7μmol/J
2x Retro LED @360w 2.8μmol/J (Adjusta-Watt Retro Splitter Cable Required) Sold separately

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