Buddha's Tree Meta-Boost

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Buddha's Tree Meta-Boost strengthens your plants during the blooming phase and promotes the development of denser and fragrant flowers. The product contains natural ingredients such as carbohydrates, amino acids, seaweed extract, and plant hormones. The additive stimulates your plants by delivering a perfect balance of nutrients and a strong source of energy. The supplement also helps your crops recover from stress caused by unfavourable environmental conditions, transportation, and transplating. Your crops can easily absorb the supplement, which sustains explosive blooming. Use the additive with your normal nutrient regime to ensure strong flowering and fruiting.

General Information

  • The product is made for use with crops growing in soil and hydroponic systems;
  • The formula contains natural and organic ingredients such as amino acids, seaweed extract, carbohydrates, and plant hormones (Auxins and Cytokinis);
  • Meta-Boost is a powerful additive;
  • The formula is designed for use during the flowering stage.


  • The product contains a high concentration of natural ingredients;
  • Promotes the production of larger and denser flowers;
  • It's a biostimulant, which encourages the development of beneficial microbes in the root-zone;
  • Strengthens your plants' immune systems;
  • Helps your crops recover from stress caused by unfavourable environmental conditions, transportation and transplating;
  • Increases your plants' production of essential oils and terpenes;
  • Growers use the product in combination with Buddha's Tree PK 9-18 for exquisite flowering.


The Science

Meta-Boost is a powerful additive, made for use during the flowering phase. The product contains natural ingredients, which help you achieve top-quality harvests. The product accelerates your plants' metabolism and increases nutrient uptake. The formula increases the production of essential oils. Meta-Boost also encourages the development of beneficial microbes in the root area. These beneficial bacteria improve your plants' immune systems and protect your plants' roots from pests and pathogens. With healthy roots, your crops will grow strong. The product is made to be used together with Buddha's Tree PK 9-18 for the best results.

How to Use

Professional growers use Meta-Boost during the flowering phase, to achieve larger and denser flowers. Use the additive at a rate of between 1 “ 2 ml/L.

Best Practices

Use Buddha's Tree Meta-Boost throughout the entire blooming phase. Add the additive to your water container or tank and mix it well. Once you've mixed in all the nutrients and supplements, adjust the pH. If you're growing plants in hydroponic systems, make sure the pH is between 5.6 and 6.2. London Grow recommends that you maintain the pH towards the lower values because it will increase naturally once you add all the nutrients and supplements. In case you're growing plants in soil, make sure that you keep the pH level between 6 and 7. Maintain the pH closer to the lower values as it will naturally rise over time. Store Meta-Boost in a safe and dark area and keep it away from extreme temperatures. Make sure that you use protective gloves when you're handling Meta-Boost. Avoid any contact with your skin or your eyes.

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