Dr Hydro - Spider Mite

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Dr Hydro Spider Mite Protection Spray provides a natural solution to combat Red Spider Mites/Two-Spotted Mites. This bottle contains a concentrated blend of plant extracts and saponins, which, when diluted, safeguard your plants against mite attacks. This foliar biostimulant also aids in the swift recovery of your plants from pest infestations. Regular use of Dr Hydro ensures the health, vibrancy, and pest-free condition of your plants, promoting enhanced flowering and fruiting.


Apply the solution as a foliar spray by diluting 50mL of the concentrate in one litre of water. Continue application until droplets start running off the leaf tips. Ensure thorough coverage of both upper and lower leaf surfaces.

For optimal results, remove any webs before spraying. Periodically inspect plants for signs of spider mites every three days, using a hand lens. Repeat applications when crawling mites reappear.

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