Hesi Hydro Grow

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Hydro Grow
Supercharged Growth

Hydro Grow provides growing plants in hydroponic systems with the necessary nutrients in the right concentrations. Young plants have a particularly hard time in hydroponics at first, as they do not yet have many roots that can absorb nutrients. At the same time, they need a lot of energy to quickly form roots for anchoring. However, young plants in particular are very adaptable, so they can cope well with the initial acclimatisation to the artificial substrates.

The vitamins and amino acids in Hydro Grow help to quickly form a healthy microfilm on the substrate. Once the roots are established, the plant is well anchored and the substrates are revitalised. Now nothing stands in the way of explosive growth. Throughout the entire growth phase, from baby to stately plant, Hydro Grow is at your side.

  • One component
  • Easy to use
  • All ingredients immediately available

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