Optic Foliar Switch (4L inc transport)

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SWITCH hermaphrodite prevention Optic Foliar SWITCH is the only product on the market to combat and prevent seed and/or hermies formation on flowering crops. Optic Foliar SWITCH will block male hormones ensuring the plant stays 100% female and continues to bloom and produce essential oils in early or late bloom. Whether bad genetics, light leaks or timer malfunctions, SWITCH will ensure 100% female plants with only 2 sprays in either early or late bloom. Growers are also utilizing switch in early bloom to help transition plants into flower and trigger faster and bigger bloom sets in as little as 5-7 days. Utilize SWITCH and guarantee that your plants stay seed and hermaphrodite free.

TRANSPORT leaf absorption enabler Optic Foliar TRANSPORT is a revolutionary delivery agent that delivers the active ingredients within your spray into the plant through the leaves stomata, which increases gas exchange and allows plants to absorb spray solutions. Unlike traditional sprays, TRANSPORT can be sprayed on plants even with the lights on and without the need to adjust the spray’s pH. Another benefit to using TRANSPORT is that you can use it with any foliar application (growth enhancers, insecticides etc ) and it allows you to half the application rate of the product you want to use, thus saving money and reducing the amount of product you need to keep your plants healthy!

Available Size

1L - Transport not included

4L - Transport included

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