Packs Protect Road Bag

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Measuring at approx height 23cm x Width 16cmx Depth 6cm The ROAD Bag is the newest member of the Packs Protect family. This shaped and size bag this the best selling style of bag in the UK. Outselling all other bags styles by a long margin. We have just made it better. This ultimate bag keeps your belongings secure and within your sight whilst you are on the move. Sleek, well designed, lockable, child safe, odour retaining, discreet and perfect for keeping your private things, private. The ROAD Bag has 1 main lockable pocket, 1 back stealth slip pocket, 1 easy access front medium pocket and a easy access front ticket pocket. Packs Protect bags are all made from a tough durable material that will reasonably withstand any accidental water or drink spillages that may occur in or around their immediate area. This Packs Protect bags has a 2 digit lock which can be set to personal preference by the owner to keep the contents of the bag secure. Packs Protect bags are odour retaining, keeping smells from escaping. We ensure that every “Packs Protect” bag is made up of a 6 layer material structure. It’s not cheap but it does ensure that every bag is of the highest quality. This bag is perfect for Loop paint, cameras, CASH, SIM cards, big PENS, ink, memory cards, keys, phones, money, medication and personal items. This bag is also rain proof, due to the sealed zips and 6 layer water proof material it is made from, so electronic equipment will be kept safe and dry in the rain. All Packs Protect bags come with a strap or attachment loop, which allows them to be easily carried or secured further for extra peace of mind All packs protect bags are child safe.

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