Plant Detonator

Çmimi i shitjes, çmimi i shitjeve£40.00


1L/ 5L

Plant Detonator has been designed to add in with ANY feeding schedule, using ANY nutrient range. It will BOOST your plants performance giving you BIGGER, HEAVIER, yields. Use Plant Detonator once every week during Flower. Use Plant Detonator (and ONLY plant detonator) at 5ml per litre for one feed per week. Plant detonator can be used in all growing mediums and systems. Plant detonator is a metabiological mobilizer, which means that it increases nutrient transportation around your plant. This in turn ensures that your plants are reaching their full potential. Nutrients are transported to the areas that need them faster, giving your plants full access to everything they need for optimum health and development. Using Plant Detonator once a week WILL increase your yields. Plant Detonator is 100% PGR FREE. Dosage - 5ml per litre. Once every week with no other nutrients. (Basically 1 feed a week).


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