Plug Life (100%) cocopeat – Propagation Trays 12-24-104

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Plug Life Coco is a 100% cocopeat plug for growing seeds, cuttings and tissue cultures. Extremely easy to use, environmentally friendly and creates fast and robust rooting.

Plug Life Trays provide nutrients during the first 2 weeks of growth. With a stable pH of 5.8 (±0.2) and an EC of 1 (±0.2). Additionally it provides natural coconut trichodermas.


  • Versatile - Plug Life Peat Mix offers great versatility, providing a brilliant alternative to rockwool-based products
  • Sustainable - Plug Life Coco is highly sustainable and ecological – made up of 100% cocopeat, totally renewable raw materials & is 100% compostible
  • Ready to use.

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