Spray2Grow - Thrips Protection Spray 500ml

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Nature's Solution for Thrip Infestations

Eliminate thrips naturally with Spray2Grow Thrips Protection Spray. Crafted from natural extracts, this specialized formula offers a complete solution for thrip challenges. Swiftly eradicate infestations, nurture plant recovery, and witness your crops transform.

Harnessing nature's power, Spray2Grow Thrips utilizes a variety of natural extracts, leaving harmful chemicals behind. A powerful biostimulant strengthens your plants, ensuring defense against thrips and promoting growth even during pest-free periods. With simple foliar application, your plants flourish, radiating vitality and reaching their full potential.

Every drop of Spray2Grow Thrips Protection Spray contributes to a healthier, lusher garden, expertly safeguarding against thrips at all stages of life. It's more than a solution – it's a natural shield that supports your plants' entire lifecycle, from seed to harvest. Rapid-action properties aid recovery after thrip invasions, ensuring garden resilience.

Prioritize prevention with Spray2Grow Thrips as your trusted ally. Experience a future where your plants thrive under natural protection, nurtured by the essence of the environment. Dilute effortlessly at 50ml per Litre – each 500ml bottle creates 10 Litres of invigorating spray, elevating your garden to new heights.

When diluted at the recommended rate of 50ml per Litre, a 500ml bottle of Spray2Grow Mildew makes up 10 Litres of spray solution.

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