SuperPro Deluxe Digital Co2 Controller

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SuperPro Deluxe Digital Co2 Controller

The CARBON-D1 Deluxe Digital CO2 Controller features a precision NDIR carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor that measures the level of CO2 up to 2500 PPM. The CARBON-D1 can be used to control supplemental CO2 in greenhouses, or vent excessive CO2 from mushroom arms or closed indoor spaces. A resettable circuit breaker and heavy-duty internal construction ensures the unit will operate for years without fail. The CARBON-D1 contains only high-quality UL / CE listed components.

  • Input voltage: 230 Volts AC.
  • Maximum amperage: 10 amps @ 230 VAC.
  • Remote probe cable length: 5 meters.
  • CO2 control range: 380-2500 PPM.
  • CO2 accuracy: +/- 50 PPM.
  • Weight: 2.5 kg.
  • Dimensions main unit: 229X178X95mm.
  • Dimensions remote sensor: 127 x 63 x 38mm.

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