ULIM 720W 6 Bar LED Light Fixture

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ULIM 720W 6 Bar LED Fixture

The new Ulim 98 720w LED fixture. Allowing LED fixtures to be powered by digital ballasts previously powering HPS lighting fixtures which have reduced the costs and have become a more cost effective purchase for many wishing to upgrade to LED grow lighting.

The new 720w Ulim 98 has been designed specifically for gardeners looking to maximise output & yields in areas that struggle to accommodate the 720w LED units previously available in the market.

The fixture dimensions of 98cm x 98cm when unfolded, is in the sweet spot to provide ample coverage for a 1.2m square tent but also enables the use within tents and areas within the 1m dimensional configurations, four of these very well priced units will comfortably fit in a 2m x 2m area rather than using standard available LED fixtures and having to add smaller led models to maximise coverage…Ulim 98’s have taken that problem away for gardeners.

Featuring a blend of both full spectrumwhite LED diodes & red LED diodes, resulting in the perfect spectrum for all phases of growth. The mix of white & red LEDs result in a relatively high ratio of blueish light which will keep your plant growth tight and compact within the vegeative stage & adds to optimal morphogenesis & light uptake by the plants.

Max Power Output 720W
Light Output 1944 PPF
Efficacy 2.7µmol/s
Number of Light Bars 6
Mounting Height  15cm
Life expectancy 50,000 Hours
Colour rendering Index 80ra
Ambient Temperature -25 to 40°C
Dimensions 98 * 98 * 5.4 (cm)
Thermal Management Passive


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