Parlux Linx 315W Temperature Controlled CDM Ballast

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Advanced lighting at an affordable price. These temperature controlled ballast from Parlux can be interlink and connected to the Parlux master controller to allow temperature controlled lighting. Lights will auto dim when your grow room temperatures exceed the set limit. 

Some features I've found useful when link with the Parlux Master controller include:

  • Auto shutdown when the grow room exceed a pre set limit. Great for reducing potential fire risks if ventilation fails.
  • Light on/off times can be controller down to the minute rather than the usual 15 minute segments on traditional timer boards. Useful if you are running lights exceeding the maximum amp supply to the property you can keep the flowering rooms switch over to the minute to prevent over load. 
  • Sunrise and sunset features removes the harsh shifts in temperature and lighting which allows plants to transition better and helps reduce the chances of mould.

The Parlux master controller allows you to link two group of up to 80 ballast per group most common configuration growers use:

  • Group A HPS lights, set to dim first when climate climbs too high
  • Group B CDM lights, set to dim at such a high temperature it'll never happen

The ballast come complete with the interlink cable. Ideal for anyone who already has lighting in place and would just like to swap out their ballast. 

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